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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 4, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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>> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. biden gets a warm welcome in beijing, but he doesn't get on a to back down territorial dispute. relations tonight are tense. hundreds of thousands of people are running away from central african republic. we are on the ground in a country descending into chaos. >> they killed my father, he says and took his body. i don't know what will happen to me now. >> this cougar has made a home
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houses of ancy hollywood hills but very few have seen their new neighbor. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america globe. the challenge the government and the status quo. advice from u.s. vice president joe biden today he said it that is ruffling feathers. i was speaking to a group of students. soothe ents do much to tensions. from beijing we have the latest. in asia rising china is asserting itself. america is responding. ed lines are being tested by beijing. and some have suggested the u.s. decline.
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the sole rica remains super power. joe biden met many of the hoping to get u.s. visas. >> challenge the government. your teachers. challenge religious leaders. letting china's president status quo is not something america is about to happen. >> you're candid and onstructive in developing this new relationship both qualities are needed. china's leaders adopting the term. ationalist >> this is the issue they've in the sea specs controlled by japan but claimed by china. months china has been endingships to probe japan's
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resolve, flexing the new naval forces it's building. the islands lie far to the southwest of japan and had an the efense zone covering area. last week china announced its overlapping japans, demanding aircraft here following beijing's instructions. ignoring china's move, america through the bombers zone to signal the u.s. is sear uss about its obligation to defend japan. china responded by scrambling fighters. a mid air collision riding. >> america is concerned about growing passion of behavior by china one that is tensions in asia. that matters because one small incident over these islands trigger a far wider crisis drawing in china on the one side on the other. >> china says other nations have
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shouldefense zones so it be allowed one too. > why has china chosen to take this action now? zone for not couldn't frontation. japan is making irresponsible remarks escalating tensions. is the one that dispatched hips and planes to disturb our normal training. >> that's joe biden's problem. relations to many neighbors aren't good even if diffused now what has happened is a warning that could s over islands you never heard of could lure much serious o a confrontation. >> it is very complicated and for more on these difficult between washington, beijing, i spoke a short time america's ambassador to huntsman.n >> how concerned are you between america and beijing? > beijing is certainly upped
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the antewith the establish of this zone. from here on will be whether or not the vice president of the united states trip to beijing is of to build a new level dialogue encouraging tokyo and building talk, greater trust and confidence in regional dialogue and relationship. that will be proof of whether or not we're moving in the right direction. because it's way too hot in the region. that needs to be lessened. seem have to been able to do that today. accusing e chinese america taking japan's side and joe biden saying to students to you have to challenge your government. are these the kinds of indications things are not you might wish them? >> this is usual. the words to the students -- i remember my first trip to china
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reagan he ent ronald had this kind of conversation with china. used have to similar conversations about certain values around religious freedoms and liberty. the war of words is to be expected. we have differences in the region. with those deal differences. so the measure of vice president success will be in the days and weeks ahead and not necessarily an hour after the we try to get our sound bytes in and they get theirs in as well. or two.r the next week do you have a lessening of tension and do you have a war of that it comes to an end. do you have a process that's put whereby tokyo and beijing are able to engage in a dialogue which at least spells out some rules of work for the farm air defense identification zone established ese that the japanese have. it's not new and been around for a long time. of the me some sense
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background here or your take on the background here. you described the region being you ot at the moment and said the chinese have upped the ante. why now? well, i would say that there are transitional politics that into. this the new leader of china is now finishing his first year in office. critical whenr is alley at radition chinese views into power. consolidatinginue his power base which continues army ande's liberation he communist party of china, eighty million members strong and grandson's and grand daughters of the revolutionary elite. you have a an similar set of politics playing with a relatively new to power prime minister. ou have the reality of transitional politics which likely are playing some role in
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all of this. second, you have beijing under some new creating bureaucratic dynamics. establishing a new national no doubt ounsel which is ruffling some feathers with the military when they see more civilian over national security. i suspect there was some when ng along those lines they established without announcing to anybody else this defense identification zone. >> john huntsman, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. look at other news world. the lab knees military group says someone has been killed as he returned from work at about midnight. for his deathrael and accusation that israel denies. records of emergency calls made during the mass shooting at connecticut elementary
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school. were made public. 20 children and six educators were killed nearly a year ago when the gunman started shooting in classrooms. central african republic is a landlocked country of some and descending into chaos. that's the warning from the united nations. fighters from a muslim rebel roup are being blamed for a series of brutal results to christian communities. and sent us this report and contains graphic violence which you may find disturbing. silence is haunting and unbroken. hundreds of miles. villages, burned villages. and the eerie sense of a nation
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hiding. three nervous ghost-like figures. on the right ge says we thought the rebels. six kidshis family has and the rest of the village are hiding out here in the bushes. back towards come the road. we're going to go and see them now. >> as word spreads, others koerb approach months of conflict here in the forced african republic perhaps 400,000 people to run for their lives. hey're stand ied, increasingly desperate and far from help. youngest lls his daughter last week. and her brother was killed also. animals here, no clean water.
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food. to the on road, and far outh we run into the sellecka rebels. they're mostly muslims and mostly foreign. countryzed power in the weeks ago but their rebelian has collapsed into a free for all. the e is in charge and violence is surging. across nly we stumble the latest bloodshed. they bring out their dead. he fighters attacked a few christian a young farmer, one of five here, religion fuelling the violence. the international community, the says. must protect us, he the muslims are terrorizing us.
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and now the christians are hitting back. nearby we meet members of a self defense militia. weapons are homemade. vengeance for growing. carried brutalve reprisals against muslims. n the middle of the mayhem street smart person found a church compounds. for his village when the selecta came last month and left as an orphan. joined him e have here. he fights back the tears. they killed my father, he says, took his body. happen toow what will
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me now. >> it is fear that is trapping tens of thousands of people in that won't t and change until people are sure it's safe to go home. african forces are poised to arrive here in the so.t week or things could change, could improve quite quickly. protect n they everyone? and for how long? unstable chronically nation. all trust absent, the only that counts is fear and things have never been this bad. bbc news in the central african republic. a conflict that is going painfully unnoticed. news.e watching bbc world still to come, thieves in mexico
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a truck carrying radioactive material. now the hunt is on to track it down. evolve from ape like creatures to ourselves. have extracted dn a from bones 400,000 years old they hope will shed like often our evolution. >> scientists scramble towards place they called the pit of bones. underground tunnels in northern spain are the only way into a cave which was once home primitive humans who lived 400,000 years ago. here are their bones. perfectly preserved. at the lab, from one of the thigh bones they extract genetic might tow con tkraoe aldn a. >> i'm excited about this
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development. if we can get might tow con up oe ald.n.a. we can build a store riff these earlier stages of human evolution which able to haven't been do. >> for more than a century, up a ists have built picture how humans einvolved by easuring the size and shape of skull and bones. how humans an show changed over hundreds of thousands of years ago. into primitive humans which lived 1.5 million years ago. scientists know that modern humans emerged 200,000 years ago they don't know how we got from here to here. muzzle in the middle. scientists hope they can clear muttle by analyzing the dn a in fossils. d.n.a. can tell you things that bones and stones and teeth
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can't. many re will no doubt be more discoveries which will tell story of human evolution. news. >> sounds like a story that could have been ripped from a hollywood script. central mexico a truck arrying dangerous radioactive material from used medical devices was stolen from a gas station. details. l the >> this is the cargo that mexican authorities are for.erately searching it's radioactive and could pose a significant threat to anyone contact with it. and this gas station to the itth of mexico city is where was stolen. the truck taking to a storage point was seized at gun as the driver made an overnight stop. he was tied up before he was able to hit the are a hrarpl.
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was to ink the motive steal the vehicle. the vehicle wases are expensive mechanisms to unload heavy material. that type of theft is common from that area. why we feel the people who did this have no idea what they stole. what are the dangers? toep truck was the iso cobalt 60. can be produced as a by-product from a hospital where medical sterilization is one of uses and the other is cancer treatment by means of radio therapy. ut the great danger is a so-called dirty bomb mixing it explosives could spread radioactive material over a large area. has a powerful emitter so if were you to radiate someone they would have radiation poisoning after a time unless the person who knows what apart is taking it knowledgeable. he would probably kill himself
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before he could hurt anyone else. >> the authorities insist the missing cargo is suitably well protected. agency rnational energy aid at the time the truck was stolen the source was shielded. but it could be dangerous if removed from the shielding or if damaged. >> that is certainly a worry for residents. >> we're going have to to demand our authorities find as soon as possible and i'm worried family. >> it can effect pregnant informants women, teenagers and elderly. it's serious. >> police remain on ahrart for the proceeds what they think is routine robbery which seems and to have unintended dangerous consequences. spoke a re on this, i to someone. o
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>> this reads like a bad thriller what went on in mexico. it appears as you said in your introduction that a used ctive source that is in cancer treatment was in a van van-jacked.n was and the source was taken. he big question at this stage is did the thieves who took it have any idea what they were taking. the mexican authorities say that they didn't, that there was no to ence they were leaked terrorism. if the mexican authorities was deliberate at was a terror wrist strike then there much more reason to be worried. >> what can be done with cobalt 60 a radioactive material and a very large kaupbltty of material. cancer do to treat contain large amounts of radio activity. final terror wrists wants to use
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nefarious purposes and mexican authorities are saying don't believe it's terrorists who got it. form 60 is found in the of metal balls. that's hard to disperse. there are other radio activity aterials if taken i would have been more worried about. material could dispersed. >> it could be a dirty bomb. >> ate very hard to kill people dirty bomb. could you make an area of a city and that would cause disruption. this worrying it is that tuff, cobalt 60 is driving around in the back of vans relatively unprotected. the very fact that radioactive
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material is possible to steal as easy as this. that's alarming. material saves thousands of lives each year through cancer treatment. it's good sources are available treatment. i think that all kreuz this a wake-up call to all countries to look at this material. speaking, when it is being transported how much would be expected? >> it depends on a country by country basis. developing countries -- and mexico is not quite a anymore -- ountry generally security arrangements weaker. >> would you expect an incident like this to produce changes look at r countries do this and say, we have to be more careful about it? nuclear security needs to be
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a process. here are always weaknesses in nuclear security that need to be addressed. of the vulnerability materials during transport. a wake-up call for all countries that have nuclear act i have material and hat's every country on the globe. as i say, hopefully this was not terrorism. ut if it was this could be incredibly serious. for mes, thanks very much coming in. >> when you think of stars, sunnymoving skies or even endless traffic ay come to 90-nined, but what about this mountain lion? if you ventured to the edge of downtown l.a. you will see the urban part and it three that ing has taken place. in view of the lights of night eles, hunting at roams p-22, full name puma 22.
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known as a cougar or mountain lion and fond of taking the sights. a national geographic a tographer took more than year to get these pictures in the park he now calls home. veryone around the world knows that the hollywood signs towers over los angeles and doesn't it's in the middle of the biggest urban park in surrounded by a concrete exotic nd home to wildlife. griffiths park as a surprising l.a. to it's a popular spot for big big but not necessarily wildlife. away thatfrom far, far would be good. but not too close. >> how do you think the dogs react? >> pretty skiddish. he'll be a snack. >> i haven't seen it yet. to see it. but very few people have.
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> scientists first stumbled while mountain line studying the wildlife. >> we set it up to monitor this get a shot of p-22. biologist was able to discover the big cat. of as going through dozens photographs when he spotted something unusual. >> i was tired and had been in the sun a lot. let me refreshy, my eyesight and look again and t was still a mountain lion in front of my face. it's very exciting. told the national park service they caught the cougar and attached a tracking collar. he had quite a tourney to get here. he had to cross the 405 freeway matrix of urbanization and the 101 before he made it into an fiths park which is amazing trip. >> the time to see p-22 is once set.sun is while his diet is deer and rabbits you won't want to get
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l.a.'s urban lion. greatt would be something to see. from all of us here at world for america, thank you watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow.
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